Rabies Or Zombies? Violent Outbreak Wreaks Havoc At Southern Border

There are consequences when someone violates immigration law, lies to an entire country, and makes people think they can illegally cross borders. Joe Biden tried to destroy our border, triggering a border crisis that has raged for most of the year. But the latest chapter in what is becoming Biden’s biggest failure is perhaps the oddest.

We learned last week that over 10,000 Haitian migrants crossed the Rio Grande and were living under a bridge. They were expecting all to be apprehended by the U.S. government, claim asylum, and be released into the country. This ridiculous turn of events is entirely Joe’s fault, who turned a blind eye to this ongoing crisis.

Conflicting reports have been coming out about what the government has done about these migrants. The White House claims they are deporting them. Others say ‘thousands’ are being released into the U.S. There have been stories about Haitians hijacking a bus. Now, they are turning on us.

Haitian illegal aliens who were in the process of being removed from the United States after they broke U.S. federal immigration laws allegedly attacked U.S. pilots and several Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, including biting at least two agents.

“Federal assault charges will be brought against two Haitian migrants after they bit federal law enforcement officials on board a deportation flight when the plane was taxiing to the runway…

“Two of the passengers left their seats and attacked Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Enforcement and Removal Operations officers.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Ah, yes. Nothing says, “Please let me stay in your country” like biting a pilot. I can’t imagine a worse thing for these migrants to do than attack the people who are responsible for their fate. This tells the entire United States, “Don’t let these people stay in the country.” And it can only lead to worse.

It’s possible these migrants thought by attacking the pilot and ICE agents, they’d be kicked off the plane. Reasonable assumption, sure. But did they really think this would be their ticket into the U.S.? Attacking federal agents will ensure they never step foot on U.S. soil. In fact, these Haitians, more than many of the others, will be guaranteed to be deported for good.

But this episode highlights the insanity of Biden’s border crisis. Because he’s eliminated any rules that prevent illegal attempts at the border, the very worst is trying to cross. Here’s a little secret Biden and the Democrats don’t want you to know, immigration rules keep out the dregs of society. Immigration laws exist to ensure those coming here are upstanding, law-abiding citizens who will work to make the country better.

They exist to sift out those people who would only come here to leech off our system, be a burden to communities, oh and bite law enforcement agents.

This is the second time we’ve learned about Haitian migrants who have revolted as the government tried to get them away from that bridge. Do these folks really think that attacking our agents is going to help their cause? It doesn’t really matter, because they are doing it.

Author: Matthew Smith