Radicals’ Newest Autonomous Zones Got A Very Unexpected Surprise

Photo Via Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images

Protestors nationwide over the weekend tried to replicate the liberal stronghold that has been built in Seattle, but local police departments were not having it.

Seattle’s CHAZ — a six-square block “autonomous zone” formed by anarchists, Antifa members, and Black Lives Matter activists — has its own quasi-Border Patrol. Organizers said the armed guards have their weapons concealed and are there to defend CHAZ’s border walls constructed of vehicle barriers and random fencing.

Demonstrations In Asheville, North Carolina; Portland, Oregon; Nashville, Tennessee; and Chicago, Illinois saw protestors who attempted to build these dangerous “autonomous zones” in their own cities.

Taking note of Seattle’s disastrous handling of the situation police knew they had to prevent that from happening.

In Asheville, members of law enforcement were on hand as demonstrators built their temporary lodgings on Livingston street in the center of the city and dismantled the autonomous zone just hours after protesters declared themselves immune from the laws of the United States.

Protesters were shocked when the Asheville city government resisted their attempted insurrection by refusing to tolerate their continued presence.

“Update on #Asheville autonomous zone. Every cop in Asheville showed up, proving they have nothing better to do on a Friday night. Tore down barricade. As of 11pm est, <100 demonstrators remaining. Need more people & support. Many will be back tmrw. This is only the beginning,” one would-be autonomous zone citizen wrote on Twitter. Police responded to continued threats of occupation with a statement about blocking public streets. “Blocking a roadway is not only illegal,” they noted, “but dangerous for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.” Nashville police in particular were all over the construction of an autonomous zone, shutting it down nearly immediately. “Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee issued a warning hours before protesters are planning to take over an area outside the Capitol,” local news in Nashville reported Saturday. “Nashville autonomous zone ‘will not be tolerated,’ Lee said in a statement, citing that camping on state property is prohibited by law and it will be enforced.” Occupying state property is a misdemeanor in Tennessee and despite organizers encouraging protesters to show up with “tents,” “food,” and other necessities, an autonomous zone never materialized. Portland protesters were met with a similar resistance. Cops dismantled the “autonomous zone” almost as quickly as it was erected. “Portland protesters attempting to establish an ‘autonomous zone’ similar to the one in Seattle abandoned it shortly after erecting it,” the Washington Examiner wrote late last week. “Footage from Wednesday night shows hundreds of rioters in the city erecting a makeshift fence to cordon off an area,” the outlet reported. After a clash with law enforcement, though, protesters gave up. “By early Thursday morning, protesters had dispersed, according to police.” Chicago’s tiny “autonomous zone” is hanging on, but probably not for long. The “occupation” is of a single building on the University of Chicago’s campus — the headquarters of UChicago’s campus police department — and it is quickly running out of resources after law enforcement officials, who are still in charge of their own offices, refused to allow the interlopers to use their bathrooms or have outside food delivered. [adace-ad id="8172"]

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