Rand Paul Delivers The Finishing Blow To Biden’s Covid Insanity

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul does not mess around when it comes to the government forcing more control over Americans, especially when it says it is simply “following the science” when the only science it cares about is whatever it can use to push its doomsday COVID-19 agenda. If you are a big government stooge, sitting down to talk with Paul in a hearing is not something you look forward to.

But President Biden’s Health and Human Services leader, Xavier Becerra, was in a Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions hearing. And Senator Paul seemed pretty angry with Becerra — and it is clear why.

Becerra seems to think it is “absolutely the business of government” to know your vaccination status and wishes to have people go door to door to push people to get the vaccine. What is more, he called the people who don’t want the vaccine “flat-earthers” and said these people were holding back the country on vaccines, despite the science revealing explicitly that people with antibodies are just as well protected, if not even more protected, from the covid virus.

Paul started by asking Becerra if he knew about the Israeli study that revealed that vaccinated people are seven times as likely to get COVID-19 than people who got the disease naturally. Becerra said he was not familiar with it and would have to get back to Senator Paul, but Paul seemed to expect that Becerra had not seen it — because he replied fast, and it was not pretty.

“Well, you should be if you are going to travel the nation insulting millions of American citizens, who have had COVID and recovered,” said Paul. “Look at the study of 2.5 million people and see that my immunity is just as good as the covid vaccine is. Maybe in a free nation, I should be able to make this decision.”

“Instead, you have chosen to travel the nation calling people like myself, flat-earthers,” said Paul. “We find this very insulting and not called for. It goes against the current science.”

Paul proceeded to ask Becerra if he was a doctor.

“I have worked for more than 30 years in health policy-” said Becerra, but the Senator cut him off.

“So you are not a medical doctor. What about a science degree?” Paul said.

Becerra said no, and Paul reiterated that even with this, he is going around the country insulting Americans who already had COVID, researched the studies about the virus, and found their immunity to the virus to be sufficient without a vaccine. He forced Becerra into a tough spot for saying to these Americans that have looked at the science that they don’t have a right to decide their own medical care.

“You alone have made these choices, an attorney with no science background and no medical degree…this is complete arrogance combined with an authoritarianism that is not American,” said Paul. “You are the one avoiding the science. The huge amount of scientific studies prove a robust, long-lasting immunity after an infection.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire