Red-State Rebellion Against Biden Officially Starts With This Announcement

The Pentagon has said they would deal with Oklahoma’s GOP governor after the state’s National Guard reported it would ignore the unconstitutional Defense Dept. forcing American troops to accept the COVID-19 vaccines.

The Dept. reportedly said they were “aware” of a memo given this week by the Oklahoma National Guard’s adjutant general which refused to accept Biden’s vaccine mandate. The Pentagon ruled back in August that United States military service members will be vaccinated forcibly for the Covid-19 virus.

The news from Oklahoma comes during a time when multiple red states and other organizations have filed lawsuits against the Joe Biden regime’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors.

“We know of the memo given by the Oklahoma Adjutant General about the COVID vaccination and the governor’s letter wanting exemption. We will reply to the governor appropriately,” Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said in a comment. “That said, Sec. Austin thinks a vaccinated force is a more prepared force. That is why he has given the order for mandatory vaccines for the overall force, and that includes our National Guard, who help with missions abroad and at home.”

Oklahoma GOP Governor Kevin Stitt sent a letter to Secretary Austin previously this month that requested Covid-19 shot mandates be paused for members of the National Guard in the state.

“We estimate that more than 800 Oklahoma guardsmen have will not get the COVID-19 vaccine. This constitutes 10% of Oklahoma’s total force,” Stitt said. “It not responsible for the federal government to put mandatory vaccine obligations onto Oklahoma guardsmen which might potentially limit the amount of people that I can call on to help the state during an emergency.”

Stitt’s actions went on with the Oklahoma governor firing former adjutant general Mike Thompson last Wednesday and bringing in Army Brigade General Thomas Mancino to replace him. Mancino, unlike Thompson, has showed the view that the Oklahoma Guard should be able to make their own decisions about taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

Pentagon Sec. Lloyd Austin has continued to express no sympathies for the people not wanting to take the experimental vaccine, instead saying he will force this onto the American people.

“After careful consultation with military leadership and medical experts, and with the aid of the President, I have determined that mandatory vaccines against covid-19 disease is needed to protect the Force and defend the American public,” he said.

Author: Blake Ambrose