Red-State Surgeon General Accuses Biden Of Outright Mass Murder

In a message to Health and Human Services Sec. Xavier Becerra, Florida’s current surgeon general Joseph Ladapo said the Biden White House had “actively stopped” the distribution of life-saving Coronavirus treatments.

Ladapo revealed how Florida was beyond the curve in making use of monoclonal antibodies, explaining that by mid-Sept., almost 100,000 people got this life-saving treatment.

“Shortly after the state’s 100,000 treatment milestone, and without an advanced notice, the United States Dept. of Health and Human Services revealed a huge lowering in the amount of monoclonal antibodies to be given to the State of Florida,” Ladapo stated. “Governor Ron DeSantis moved fast to get Sotrovimab from GlaxoSmithKline to help deal with the artificial shortage that comes as a result of this sudden change from HHS. However, not giving out this life-saving treatment continues to cause another life-threatening shortage of available treatment options” during the spread of Omicron.

Ladapo recognized evidence that some covid treatment options were not be as good for Omicron as they were for Delta, but still say that federal agencies should not limit any treatment options, as providers still care for Covid-19 positive people in places with a low prevalence of this new new variant.

“The federal government is now working to prevent the effective transportation of monoclonal antibody treatments in the United States. The sudden suspension of numerous monoclonal antibody therapies from Florida removes a health care giver’s ability to decide the best treatment for their own patients,” he said. “This shortsightedness is very evident given that the federal government effectively stopped states from buying these monoclonal antibodies and helping their populations directly.”

Ladapo concluded by saying that President Biden recently accepted “there is no federal solution” to the covid pandemic, but that it “must be solved at the state level.” He asked the federal government not to get in the way of Florida’s ability to give treatment options.

This comes at a time when vaccine mandates and mask measure are angering Americans and causing many people to reach a breaking point with power-mad Democrats.

Author: Blake Ambrose