‘Reparations’ Start In America — Here’s How Much You’ll Owe

A suburb in Chicago will be the first city in the nation to give reparations to black Americans. The Evanston City Council will soon finalize their plan that was green-lighted by voters in 2019 to give reparations to black citizens for “historical discrimination and racism.”

The weird thing is the plan does not even use the word slavery. The $10 million gift will be handed out over 10 years — funded by donations and a 3 percent marijuana tax — will go toward “righting the historic wrongs” of “racism”, but not as reparations for being slaves.

Larry Elder, a conservative journalist says “Reparations is the stealing of wealth from people who never owned slaves to be handed to people who were never enslaved,” he said to a House Committee, which is discussing a bill to create a commission to discuss federal reparations.

Elder got it right. Meanwhile, so-called civil rights leaders say that slavery is just one part of the problem. Other “injustices” caused money to being taken away from black people.

But no one mentions the common “No Irish need apply” signs of the 20th century. When do the Irish get their reparations for that historical injustice?

But the worst part of reparations is that it finds a whole race of people guilty. Why should white people be punished for the actions of a banker who refused to give a black person a loan?

It is an incredible feat of anti-white hate and logic to blame the entire white race and say they are “guilty.”

Collective racial guilt is evil. And reparations is only about targeting and attacking every white person as guilty until he or she is proven even more guilty. Then, he or she is canceled.

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