Report Reveals How Biden Is Destroying America’s Defenses From The Inside

The Navy’s leaders are more focused on diversity and wokeness training than on defeating America’s enemies in wars — leaving sailors being unprepared to take on a 21st century conflict against China, according to a scary report commissioned by GOP lawmakers.

The report, asked for by conservatives on the Senate and House Armed Services Committees, revealed that since the Cold War ended, the Navy has been moving more towards careerism and political correctness, and risk aversion instead of really training its sailors to win battles.

The report, done by Marine Lt. Gen. (Retired) Robert E. Schmidle and Navy Rear Adm. (Retired) Mark Montgomery, discovered this after 77 soldiers and officers reported their frustration with political training as being “overwhelming.”

The report read:

“While programs to prevent human sex trafficking, prevent suicide, prevent sexual assault, and others are needed, they come at a cost. The curricula take up Navy resources and form administrative quagmires and use up precious training time.”

“By putting a strain on sailors with non-combat training and other burdens, both Navy leaders and Congress risk sending them to battle underprepared and not as focused as their opponents.”

One active duty lieutenant reported, “Sometimes I think we care more about having less white officers than if we would win a fight with the Chinese navy.”

She added: “It is criminal. They believe my only value is as a black woman. But you split our ship in half with a missile and we will all bleed the same color.”

A recently retired top enlisted official also referenced leadership’s focus on targeting white people instead of training for operational skills.

“I guarantee you every Navy unit knows their diversity training. I am sorry that I cannot say the same is true for their ship handling training,” he said.

Others backed the idea of a Navy more preoccupied with compliance instead of warfighting.

“The Navy sees warfighting readiness as a compliance topic,”,, one current commander said. ,,“You might even use the phrase compliance-focused warfare as compared to adversary-focused warfare or warfighter-focused warfare.”

Another career officer said: “I have heard anyone in any congress, any testimony about actually winning. And so that is stunning to me.”

The report ended with a warning — that a “top peer-level conflict” will possibly play out largely in the navy areas of operations.

Author: Blake Ambrose