Republican Establishment Makes Another Astonishing Betrayal

My patience with the GOP establishment in the Senate is now gone, and I’m betting I’m not the only one.

Remember that Republicans, including Senators Rob Portman, Mitt Romney, and Lisa Murkowski, have been pushing to get a “deal” passed on infrastructure.

These negotiations were destroyed by Biden multiple times, including him admitting he was not going to enact the alleged “compromise” unless he got all of the other things he wants through budget reconciliation.

In this scenario, you stop negotiations and tell others to go pound sand. If they will screw you anyway, why give them a bipartisan bill as cover to hide behind? Make the Democrats own their inflation-triggering disaster. Republicans did not do that, though. Instead, Senator Romney and other traitors said they trust Biden, and are continuing negotiations.

To rub it in, Democrats also announced a $3.5 trillion reconciliation program last week. At this point, it became more than certain that they were bad-faith people and any infrastructure deal would be pointless. Surely, the GOP would wake up and then walk away, right?

Nope. Instead, Republicans are now rushing to showcase that they are total morons, pushing to complete the “compromise” legislation before a deadline set by Senator Chuck Schumer.

Honestly, I am at a loss now. It was one thing for these Republican establishment RINOs to be suckered in the first go. But to get suckered as much as four times on this topic is a bit unbelievable. Are they controlled opposition or something? Secret Democrats coordinating to create theatre?

Why are Rob Portman and his team of RINOs attempting to finish the deal, when Democrats are very literally telling them they will not honor the deal and will get all they want using reconciliation in just a few months?

It is political idiocy on a level I have rarely seen. It is also the kind of malfeasance that will cost the Republicans in 2022. Republicans do not want to see their senators prove yet again that they have no spines. They want to see good opposition that fights to the last against Democratic overreach.

Author: Blake Ambrose