Republican Senator Begs Police To Step In Against Biden

Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville (AL) put forward a bill this week that would allow law enforcement to enforce immigration laws with federal agencies being overwhelmed by the historic flood of illegals at the southern border.

In a press comment, the Senator said the new bill will “give state and local police forces inherent authority for immigration enforcement to investigate, arrest, and transfer a person that has illegally entered the U.S.” Republican Senators Thom Tillis (NC) and Mike Rounds (SD) have also supported the bill.

“If Biden is insistent on removing ICE’s power to enforce immigration laws, then we need to make sure our law enforcement has the power to respond to illegals,”,., Tuberville said. “‘The new bill takes a two pronged approach to solve the intentional gap created by Biden’s border policies: first, by allowing local and state officers the power to enforce immigration laws when federal officials are stopped from doing so, and second, by expanding the detention time for dangerous criminals while their deportation is processed. The Biden White House has failed our police at the expense of our communities, and this bill will change that moving forward.”

If the bill is passed, it would “ensure that illegals are detained in federal custody after local or state law enforcement request” and “reimburse local or state authorities for costs related to incarceration and transportation.”

Author: Scott Dowdy