Republican Tears Into Team Biden For Their Militaristic Raids On Conservatives

Republican Senator Tom Cotton (AR) just penned a letter to AG Merrick Garland that we could use more of in this country. This is the type of thing that the Congress should do: follow up and keep these characters in the Biden White House accountable.

Cotton wrote a message to AG Merrick Garland, asking for answers about the shocking raids on Project Veritas reporters by the Biden FBI before this Friday and he gives some excellent points about the whole craziness.

“The Dept. of Justice follows regulations when looking into members of the press. The regulations state the DOJ “sees the use of some law enforcement tools, like . . . search warrants to get information or records from non-consenting press members as extraordinary measures, not normal investigatory practices.”

“Since the execution of these soviet like search warrants were not “normal investigatory practices,” I have issues about the source of this investigation, the reasons for the investigations, and the tactics used by the Department.”

So why, when they might have just requested the information, would the FBI go with this plan when it’s not normal to do so with journalists and AG Garland has previously been against such actions?

Then the DOJ is attempting to justify these raids as a response to Ashley Biden’s allegedly stolen diary. The issue for many people is: What legal justification do they have in using these authoritarian tactics in going after Project Veritas reporters who found the diary?

First, it was not stolen, it was left, according to James O’Keefe. It was left by the President’s daughter at a rehab location. But even if the diary was stolen, that would be a state crime. How does it justify federal actions?

Cotton notes that these filings in the use of the National Stolen Property Act, attempting to say the diary was transported across state lines. That is why they are calling it “stolen” instead of abandoned, to bring it under the NSPA to justify their actions.

Cotton scoffs at this, asking Garland to give the examples where they have done something like this before. But then he really tore into Biden’s henchman. He demanded to know about all the people they had as contacts in the NY Times, given the leaks of details that they had after the FBI raids, and anything the FBI did to investigate those leaks.

Finally, Cotton got to the brass ring.

“Please give all communications between DOJ officials and the White House about the investigation into the disappearance of the diary. Did anyone in the White House have advance notice of the warrants against journalists connected to Project Veritas?”

Author: Blake Ambrose