Republicans Are Setting Biden Up For A Huge Surprise

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (GOP-CA) told Breitbart News that Republicans in the House have sent lots of “preservation notices” to various federal departments and agencies throughout Biden’s administration, informing them to preserve records before anticipated subpoenas from the GOP after the 2022 midterms.

Additionally, McCarthy stated that he has assigned every House committee with thoroughly engaging in oversight concerns rather than merely passing everything through the House Oversight Committee, expanding the use of congressional authorities to exert pressure on the Biden White House’s waste, and abuse of authority.

“We’re first focused on the top two issues that we need to win elections,” McCarthy said. “Inflation is still number one for us, and we are beating them by over 20 points in other areas, crime, the border, drugs, energy independence — and we are going to include all of that in the Commitment to America. What’s more is our Accountability Project. So each committee has an oversight subcommittee; most people think you go to the Oversight Committee if you want to do oversight as a member of Congress. No—every committee has one.”

“What we are doing with this retreat, it is one of the most significant breakthroughs in addition to the policy. We’ll have training and bring in some experts so they can determine how to do it, and we are making everyone do that.” McCarthy said. “We have [James] Comer and [Jim] Jordan, and we have staff; we’re also welcoming some outside people for a firsthand look at what we’re doing here today. We’re showing them some of what we’re going to study and how, as well as starting now because they’ll run out of time if you wait.”

Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX), chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, made a similar point today: that Republicans have sent hundreds of “preservation orders” to key federal agencies and departments — and he’s training the whole conference on how to help drive it.

“At this retreat, I’m going to teach everybody how to conduct oversight and hold the administration accountable,” McCarthy said. “Now that they’ve received the training tools, they’ll be able to start constructing cases immediately. Then we’ll have the power of a subpoena that we don’t currently have. We’ll make them keep everything. We’ve already sent a number of information requests — preservation letters — in order to preserve documents.”

Finally, McCarthy stressed the importance of having House Republicans “ready to hit the ground running” as soon as the midterms are over.

“I’ve looked at a few things. I’m bringing in people who did it before to show them how to do it right,” McCarthy remarked. “How do you obtain the information you’ll need? How can you discover data that you didn’t know existed? We’re doing it. There are individuals who have been here for a long period of time who haven’t previously undergone this process.”

“So we have to teach them. The other thing we need is the right people there. So, what’s another thing we need to do if we take back the majority? Who would be the staff members to head up that committee and who could be great members to serve as chairmen of those subcommittees? What information can we gather right now that will help us get off on the right foot? We’re putting all this together so that when we hit the ground running, we’ll be ready for it.”

Author: Scott Dowdy