Republicans Blocked From Uploading These Laptop Files

The files found inside Hunter Biden’s laptop have been blocked by House Democrats from being added to the congressional record in a searchable digital format, according to The Daily Caller.

As the Daily Caller explains, House Judiciary Committee Democratic staff has refused to upload the laptop, claiming technical restrictions. Instead, they’re requiring Rep. Matt Gaetz’s (R-FL) office to print hard copies and PDF-form documents of pages instead of allowing them to be electronically uploaded. Even after Gaetz’s staff offered to provide the appropriate equipment for digital file transfer.

During a March 29 meeting, committee Chairman Jerry Nadler from New York attempted to block Gaetz’s request to enter the laptop, but he relented after consulting with a committee lawyer. However, staff members he appointed are refusing to cooperate.

Instead, the staff asked that Gaetz’s office produce printed or PDF documents that could be uploaded into the congressional record, according to a Republican source with knowledge of the situation. The maneuver compelled Gaetz’s team to use up its own resources to make copies, even though House rules prescribe that committee staff is the group responsible for uploading such entries.

According to a House Republican, the Democrats’ request was based on the fact that the committee did not have technology to digitally upload the laptop in its entirety into the record. Despite offers from Gaetz’s team to provide a computer for Democratic staff to upload the papers, they declined, according to a GOP source.

“Democrats in the majority used a variety of pretexts to avoid dealing with Hunter Biden’s laptop in any manner other than accepting the hard drive through hand delivery,” according to a Republican staff member speaking on condition of anonymity.

“Democrats and their staff are obstructing the public from seeing Hunter Biden’s laptop in the record. They have all of the tools they require to upload Hunter Biden’s laptop into the record — they’re purposefully delaying it. It is the duty of majority staff to register items accepted by unanimous consent, such as Hunter Biden’s computer, into the official record. The American people should wonder why Democrat majority staff aren’t doing their jobs and what will occur if they continue to stonewall Congress’ authorized business.”

Author: Scott Dowdy