Republicans Corner Lying Democrats With Body Cam Footage

One Republican representative has introduced a new resolution to form a program that requires members of the leadership of congress to wear bodycams, like police officers do, so we watch and judge their truthfulness. You have to admit — the idea’s is not bad.

But what does House Speaker Pelosi say about this?

Republican Congressman Paul Gosar from Arizona introduced this resolution on Tuesday, stressing that the program would help stop both false comments from and made against Congress-members.

“Today, body-worn cameras give evidence when defending police officers from false accusations,” he said in a comment. “Occasionally, these body cameras show a police error. There is further drive to put cameras inside classrooms. Too often what is really occurring in our schools is kept from parents.”

“This trend to get honesty and transparency should also apply to members of Congress,” he said, explaining that after the Jan. 6 protest, “several congress-members made false allegations that other congress-members gave ‘reconnaissance tours’ the day before.”

“Footage from body cams would rebut this kind of defamation right away,” said Gosar, who demanded security video from Jan. 6 to protect members of Congress and protesters.

“In one other instance, a congress-member told a harrowing tale of being chased and hiding, without any witness to support such an event,” he also said. “A body camera would prove this story.”

Some Dem members of Congress, to whom the Capitol Building break in by alleged angry protesters could not have possibly been more convenient, were criticized for fabricating accounts of what occurred on January 6.

As no elected officials has bodycams, we can’t attest to the accuracy of their claims, but there is no doubting that congressional Democrats did not waste time accusing their Republican colleagues, including Gosar, of supporting the attack, claims which have not been supported.

Yet regardless of what you believe about the Jan. 6 protest, the stealing of the November election, Gosar’s personal politics, or AOC’s account of what happened in her head on that fateful morning, one thing is clear: It would not hurt a single person if it was more difficult for members of Congress to lie.

Author: Blake Ambrose