Republicans Give Liberals a Huge 2024 Warning

The RNC could skip network presidential debates if they are not dramatically changed before 2024, says the president of Citizens United, David Bossie.

“We don’t need to count on only the mainstream media., Bossie said on Hugh Hewitt’s radio program. “There are many platforms and opportunities that we can partner with to get our message out.”

Bossie said some moderators take more time to grandstand than getting down to issues that are important to voters.

“They are asking questions not to influence primary GOP voters, but to attract ‘gotcha’ answers for the general election, because they all wish to have their question used during the general election., said the leader of Citizens United, which states on its website that it is “dedicated to returning our government to citizens’ control.”

“We must not allow bad faith actors to change our debate process.”

The two parties have worked with the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), which managed the debates since ’88. But things declined last election and the GOP began to wonder if they should keep deferring to the commission.

The first debate was a debacle: Both Trump and Biden interrupted each other endlessly. Moderator Chris Wallace lost control, allowing the discourse devolve into chaos.

Wallace got deserved heat for his lack-luster moderation of the debate. The Fox News host, a Democrat, got fierce criticism for his bias at the debate in favor of Biden. Republicans slammed Wallace for allowing Biden to interrupt Trump but would jump in to keep Trump from doing so to Biden.

Conservatives also slammed C-SPAN reporter Steve Scully for his bias after it was discovered he lied about a questionable tweet he made. In his post, Scully asked Trump’s former aide and now critic, Anthony Scaramucci, if he should reply to any critical remark Trump makes about him during the debate.

Trump hit out against NBC’s Kristen Welker, the moderator for the final debate, as “completely partisan.” During an interview on Fox, Trump said he wanted a more neutral party to moderate.

“Kristen Welker is horrible., Trump said. “She is completely partisan. Her father and mother are huge supporters of Biden and the Democrats, and she deleted her whole account.”

“There are those out there that can be neutral. Kristen Welker is not one of them., he said.

Author: Steven Sinclaire