Republicans Protect Troops From Biden’s Shocking Revenge

GOP members are attempting to protect members of the United States Military from being dishonorably discharged for their refusal of the vaccine.

President Biden’s Pentagon has enforced a mandate for the vaccine, and those who do not accept it will be relieved of their duties. According to the rhetoric from the White House, it is obvious that Biden favors the idea of Military members getting dishonorably discharged for not going along with the order.

Now, Republican Senators. Ted Cruz (from TX), James Lankford (from OK), and Roger Marshall (from KS) introduced a new bill called “Coronavirus Vaccine Dishonorable Discharge Prevention,” wanting to stop any attempts to dishonorably discharge Military members who do not take the vaccine.

“A member of the Armed Force under a military department which is subject to discharge for a member not getting the COVID–19 vaccine might only get an honorable discharge,” the bill text says.

“It is an insult to our servicemen who have served to dishonorably discharge them for not accepting the COVID vaccine,” Cruz stated. “This is the same way we dishonorably discharge people convicted of serious crimes like treason, sexual assault, or murder.”

Marshall said that a dishonorable discharge would remove a service member of their Second Amendment rights among other punishments.

“To get a dishonorable discharge removes your Second Amendment, it is going to keep you from using educational opportunities the military allows for as well as access the VA for healthcare. So this is a huge deal for military members right now,” he said.

“There is no question: American troops should not be treated like felons due to their personal medical decisions.”

Kansas City, Kansas, Attorney Joe DeWoskin said to Fox4KC that “the tens of thousands of military members who might refuse the vaccine would get court martialed. That would be require numerous trials, convictions and sentences, if superiors want to file charges.”

House Armed Services Chairman Adam Smith, a Dem, said the Military Times it is “baffling” to him that some military members might not want to get vaccinated.

“It is just baffling that some do not sign up for it,” he said. “You risk your life to protect the nation, but you won’t take a shot to protect the nation? It’s something I will never understand.”

Author: Scott Dowdy