Republicans Put Democrat Governor On ‘House Arrest’

A new law in Michigan is causing a lot of controversy. The law, which forces the governor to give a notice when he or she leaves the state, passed in the state Senate this week.

The bill was proposed after Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s traveled to Florida back in March, which happened right after she informed her residents to not leave the state. Also, some have said that the funding for that trip, going through a nonprofit, broke tax laws.

The bill’s top sponsor, GOP state Senator Tom Barrett, said the bill was simply a way to know who is acting as governor if needed, which seemingly confused Democrats.

“What is your real reason for wishing to know where the governor is and wanting to be informed when the governor is away?” asked Democrat state Senator Erika Geiss. “No one had this problem two terms ago.”

If the state House passes the law, it would need to be signed by Governor Whitmer herself.

Author: Scott Dowdy