Republicans Take a Stand Against Biden’s Double Standards

A group of Senators sent A.G. Merrick Garland a letter this week showing concern about what seems to be a two-tiered justice system under the Biden White House.

The GOP lawmakers stressed a “possibly unequal use of justice” given the treatment of liberal rioters in 2020 compared to the January 6th protesters and rioters at the Capitol. For the latter group, the senators say they “fully support” the DOJ “to hold anyone responsible completely accountable.”

Signed by Republican Senators Ted Cruz (Texas), Ron Johnson (Wis.), Mike Lee (Utah), Rick Scott (Fla.), and Tommy Tuberville (Ala.), the letter requests information on the small amount of prosecutions and low penalties for leftist rioters arrested during the 2020 crime spree — this being the time frame where many American cities were destroyed by BLM riots.

“As you know, the goal of the DOJ is to guarantee fair justice for all Americans,” the letter says. “Today, we ask for information about issues regarding possible unequal justice in response to recent incidents of mass destruction, unrest and loss of life throughout the nation.”

“People took advantage of peaceful protests across the country to riot and commit other crimes that led to loss of life, injuries to officers, and great property damage,” the senators said, continuing by saying that “property destruction stemming from the 2020 liberal protests… will result in up to $2 billion in insurance claims.”

While the media was very supportive of 2020’s riots, there were severe consequences from those events. The letter cited data given by the DOJ in June of 2020:

“One federal agent was killed, 147 federal officers were hurt and 600 local officers were hurt during the protests, mostly from projectiles.”

According to the ATF, “since the beginning of the unrest we have seen 81 FFL [gun store] burglaries of a loss of 1,116 guns, 876 arsons and 76 explosive incidents.”

The senators continued saying “it seems people charged with these crimes may have infrequent prosecutions and low, if any, penalties, and in Oregon, arrangements called deferred resolution agreements will lead to many of them having a clean criminal record.”

“The DOJ’s unwillingness to prosecute these people who committed crimes during the 2020 protests is in complete contrast to the harsh treatment of the people charged for the January 6 break in of the Capitol Building,” the letter said. “The DOJ has charged 510 people stemming from this incident.”

It was stressed that the DOJ updates a webpage showing defendants charged with crimes related to Jan 6th, yet no such webpage exists for criminals associated with the 2020 riots.

Author: Scott Dowdy