Republicans Threaten To Arrest Biden’s Cronies

Florida state rep. and U.S. House hopeful Republican Anthony Sabatini tweeted recently that a federal official coming to someone’s door to pressure them into getting the covid vaccine “should be treated as a trespasser and ARRESTED.”

“Any sort of Federal government employee that comes to your door to push you to get a vaccine should be seen as a trespasser and promptly ARRESTED,” Sabatini said.

“We need to enact legislation to BAN this sick agenda immediately,” he said. “I am currently reviewing our legislative options to start this year in the Legislature of Florida.”

Anthony Sabatini told reporters that the Florida legislature should say that legally, the door approach was trespassing and put a “blanket prohibition against such door to door federal solicitation.”

“It is not the job of the federal government,” Sabatini said, “It is unethical for them to be pushing people into private health care choices and invading their privacy.”

“Government solicitation for an experimental vaccine is not a safeguarded speech and should be prevented by the State of Florida,” he said.

Biden said recently during comments about people who have not gotten the vaccine, “Now we must go community by community and some times door by door — literally knock on the door to bring help to the remaining Americans.”

WH press secretary Jen Psaki also used a similar phrase this week when she said that coronavirus prevention measures will involve “a targeted door to door program to get the remaining people vaccinated.”

Anthony Sabatini’s words come as he has chosen to run against Democratic Congressman Stephanie Murphy (FL), who has said Sabatini was the “most extreme, Trump-loving GOP member” and that he was an “extremist Trump follower.”

Sabatini recently said that America must have an “immigration moratorium” to aid “working class Americans.”

“I believe our focus must be on forming a better immigration program by enacting an immigration moratorium, so that way we are helping working class Americans and Floridians,” Sabatini explained.

The Democrats, however, want unlimited immigration into America, followed by a program of forced integration under the guise of “diversity.” It’s not strange given that this would help Democrats win elections using the electoral collage, what is strange is that so many Republicans also support this trend.

Author: Blake Ambrose