Republicans Write The Script To Biden’s Bad Ending

Pennsylvania GOP members are urging for an Arizona-style audit in their State, as three state Republicans toured Arizona’s audit location this week.

Republican Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers gave an update on the people at the audit. The lawmakers included Republican Pennsylvania state Senators Cris Dush, Doug Mastriano, and Republican Pennsylvania state Rep. Rob Kauffman.

“Forty-seven percent of Americans do not have faith in our elections right now,” Senator Dush said.

Dush said his constituents are “up in arms about the lack of a movement on attempting to find out what really happened.”

Senator Mastriano felt the same but stressed he does “not want to overturn anything.”

“I am just attempting to find out what really went right, wrong, and how we can have better elections next time,” he said.

During a radio interview, Mastriano stated the group of lawmakers want to “bring information back to our leadership, we will brief them and hopefully we can develop an approach to ensure every person in Pennsylvania has their vote counted and they know it was counted.”

Arizona Senate GOP members gave subpoenas to the Maricopa County Supervisor Board back in December for an audit and a “complete forensic audit of tabulation equipment and software used during the 2020 elections.”

Former President Trump weighed in on the audit, saying that the “Lamestream Media is doing all they can to ignore this major story.”

“They refuse to report or even mention it. They do not want the World to see what is really going on with our corrupt election,” Trump said.

Author: Scott Dowdy