Requirements For Police Officers Just Got Seriously ‘Woke’

A new bill aimed at preventing gang members from being police officers might prevent conservative Christians from joining the force or result in their removal from their jobs if they are currently serving.

California Assembly Bill 655 would force departments to investigate if potential cops have “engaged in membership into any hate group, or hate group activities, or public displays of hate.”

While most of us think of the KKK or Antifa as hate groups. Some anti-white organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center use the phrase “hate group” as a means to demonize conservatives.

The SPLC has become well known for attacking mainstream conservatives and Christian groups as “hate groups” because they are against same-sex marriage or because the support deportations and border control.

Ash Kalra, the writer of the bill, called A.B. 655, said to reporters that he does wish his bill to “attack anyone’s religious views or political connections.”

The law defines a “hate group” as “any group that advocates for the genocide of, the denial of constitutional rights of, or violence towards any other group based on ethnicity, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or disability.”

This seems reasonable, but the bill can easily cover Christian organizations like Alliance Defending Freedom, which opposes the redefinition of civil rights laws to bow to transgender activism. 

In the landmark case of Bostock v. Clayton County, the Supreme Court ruled that when Congress outlawed “sex discrimination,” that ruling also applies to discrimination of sexual identity and orientation.

Justice Samuel Alito warned against the Bostock ruling, saying it creates real threats to religious freedom, among other things. There are severe problems with the reasoning that Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch used to make his choice in Bostock, and the ruling should absolutely be overruled.

According to the Bostock ruling, Christian organizations that advocate against transgenderism might fit the definition of a “hate group.”

This means that Democrats and the far-left now have the perfect legal pathway to block Christians from entering, or continue to serve in, law enforcement.

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