RINO Republican Caught In The Ultimate Betrayal

Former GOP strategist Matthew Dowd said this week that the Jan. 6th protest, which witnessed one police-linked death and relatively low damage to the Capitol Building, is equal to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks that murdered almost 3,000 Americans.

In addition, in his appearance on MSNBC, Dowd said that on the six-month anniversary of the protest, he feels like this country is on the verge of another civil war and that the best solution would be for America to rid itself of the GOP, which was created, in part, to stop slavery.

After the anti-white host complained about America being mostly “white” and “Christian,” (although neither one mentioned that white people are a global minority, at only 10 percent of world population), Dowd added that he thinks tensions are “much worse” than the tensions during the November election, after the presidential election, and then during Jan. 6th.

“It is worse now than it was in Nov. It was much worse after Jan. 6th,” Dowd said, adding that the reason is “because these is no accountability, it’s given people permission to make more” acts of violence, though Republicans have not since had any similar protest like the Capitol protest.

Dowd then mentioned “the big lie,” the phrase that Democrats use to describe the idea that GOP voters believe former President Trump really won the November election.

“And not only has it given permission to people who might do nutty things, it has allowed the GOP just to continue this big lie thing that they have pushed out,” he said.

“I was in Kentucky yesterday. I went to Lincoln’s birthplace, and I was reflecting about what Lincoln said, ‘America won’t be destroyed from outside, America will destroy itself.’ And I believe that is what I fear right now,” Dowd said.

“And what would have happened if after 9/11 we did nothing? And to me, even though there was less death on Jan. 6th, it was worse than 9/11 because it has continued to tear our nation apart and give permission for people to push for autocratic means,” Dowd said.

Since the protest, most Democrats have pushed for a more militarized Capitol, increased the White House’s focus on White “domestic terrorists,” and, recently moved to form a partisan 1/6 Commission.

Author: Blake Ambrose