Rinos Join Democrats To Force Through Terrifying New Agenda

Eleven GOP senators have said they will support Biden’s framework for an infrastructure bill, opening up the potential that such a bill might get through the Senate if all 50 Democrats back it.

For this to happen, President Biden would need to give his blessing to the bipartisan agreement. Biden says he has not even read the proposal yet. Extremists like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren would also need to accept the bill, and other GOP members would need to agree not to torpedo the bill by adding in “poison pill” amendments and other deal-breakers.

“We look forward to partnering with our Democratic and Republican colleagues to create legislation based upon this framework to solve America’s crucial infrastructure challenges., the senators announced in a press statement.

Meanwhile, Democrats who are on the Senate Budget Committee are forming the foundation to force through a much bigger Biden infrastructure plan with budget reconciliation. That bill — which costs $2.3 trillion — would give money to a wide variety of far-left projects involving climate change and other agendas.

There is no guarantee that all 50 Democrats will agree to the reconciliation process. Several moderate senators, like Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema, have showed concerns about such a step. So it is absolutely not a done deal by any means.

Biden seems to be waiting. Making a bad move at this moment could destroy his presidency. If he goes with the bipartisan framework, he’s pushing the weight of his office into a proposition with small chances of success. If he rejects it, he could alienate moderates that he needs to use reconciliation. He also risks achieving nothing if he does the wrong thing.

Meanwhile, Republicans are short on information regarding how they intend to fund their trillion-dollar infrastructure bill. With them insisting they will not change their 2017 tax numbers. And Biden reporting he will raise the corporate tax rate to pay for his program.

So it seems as though both sides are using smoke and mirrors to fund their plans. And the deficit will keep rising and debt will keep exploding.

Author: Scott Dowdy