Rioter Finds Out Trump Was Serious About 10 Years In Prison

By Spencer Neale July 17, 2020 | Image Source : Patriot Journal

What’s Happening:
With the onset of anti-police protests over early Summer, numerous activists targeted national monuments. Americans watched as Antifa and BLM-linked protesters tore down statues of historical figures.

It started with Confederate leaders but quickly moved on to icons like Christopher Columbus and George Washington.

There was a rash of attacks against monuments from coast to coast, including major ones in Washington, D.C. One man went as far as to vandalize the Lincoln Memorial, a landmark honoring the man who freed the slaves.

President Trump promised swift penalties for anyone who damaged federal property. Now, we’re learning he was serious:

A man accused of scrawling a message on the Lincoln Memorial with spray paint is facing 10 years in prison.

Micah Avery, 26, a District of Columbia resident, described as a black male, was indicted this week on charges of destruction of federal property…

According to a criminal complaint, U.S. Park Police officers on May 30 saw Avery graffiti the words “Yall not tired yet?” with black spray paint on the Lincoln Memorial.

During the riots that swept through D.C. in May and June, one protester sprayed a message on the Lincoln Memorial. This man has been arrested and is being charged by the federal government. He can face up to ten years in jail.

President Trump spoke on several occasions that attacks against historic monuments on federal land will be met with strict penalties. He said his order was “retroactive,” meaning vandalism from earlier in the year would be prosecuted as well.

Once Trump started rolling out federal authorities (including U.S. Marshalls) to defend statues and monuments—suddenly the attacks ended. While Democrat-run cities still refuse to end their crime sprees, we have seen very few attacks on monuments since the end of June.

The president has kept to his word, protecting our landmarks while prosecuting those who seek to destroy them. This latest case will serve as a sign to anyone who tries to destroy America’s heritage and history.

This “movement” to destroy our statues will quickly wither and fade, as long as this response is upheld. Those who destroy these statues are usually young people, who are being goaded into doing it by radical groups.

Perhaps they will be less willing if they lose ten years of their life in prison.

Key Takeaways:

  • A man has been charged with vandalizing the Lincoln Memorial.
  • He will face up to ten years in jail for attacking federal property.
  • President Trump has promised vandals that strict penalties were coming.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: After Man Spray Paints Lincoln Memorial, He Finds Out Trump Was Serious About 10 Years In Jail

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