Satanism Now Being Openly Practiced In Hollywood

Hollywood star Megan Fox told fans that she and her musician fiancé,  Machine Gun Kelly, consumed one another’s blood “sometimes for ritual reasons.”

“I suppose ‘drink each other’s blood’ could mislead people – or that we’re like in a tv show, drinking one another’s blood from goblets.” After being asked by Glamour if it is true that she and Machine Gun Kelly consumed one another’s blood after he asked her to marry him, Fox responded, “It is only a few droplets, but yes, we do drink the other’s blood for ritual reasons on rare occasions.” The Transformers star said.

“It has a purpose and is kept in check where it’s at, like ‘he let’s do some drops of blood,’” Fox added. “He is much more disorderly, and chaotic than he was previously; he’ll simply cut his chest open using broken glass and ask me to take his soul.”

“It does not happen, maybe not just like that, but something like it has happened before,” the actress continued.

In an interview with Glamour, the actress revealed that her small kid wears dresses and that he had read books that were “written by transgender kids” in order to comprehend what was going on.

“Noah started putting on dresses when he was around two,” Fox said. “I bought a lot of books about they addressed a wide range of issues, like what this is and how we can help people understand it better. Some of the books were written by transgender children.”

When discussing how she “can’t keep [her children] safe forever,” Fox was tearing up.

“I don’t have control over how other people respond to my children,” she added. “I can’t prevent my children from learning the things that other kids at school are indoctrinated with and then tell them.”

“I send my children to a school where people are likeminded, so their children aren’t — Noah is 9 and was just there a few minutes ago. The other children aren’t on the internet in the same way that most kids are. So they realize their parents are famous, but their understanding of it is minimal.”

Author: Scott Dowdy