Schiff Makes Embarrassing Mistake During House Speech

By Charlie Spiering April 24th, 2020 | Image Source: Breitbart

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) brought a face mask to a Congressional hearing Thursday, but he strapped it under his chin while speaking.

Schiff spoke at a House Small Business Committee hearing, where several members of Congress were wearing various forms of masks as a precaution during the coronavirus crisis.

Some members of Congress removed their masks while speaking; others kept them on, but Schiff chose to wear the mouth cover under his chin.

Schiff delivered a two-minute speech about his concerns about the Paycheck Protection Program failing to save more small businesses.

After his speech, he left his seat, doused his hands in hand sanitizer, and left as the hearing continued.

Author: Charlie Spiering

Source: Breitbart: Adam Schiff Wears Mask Under His Chin During House Speech

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