SCOTUS Prepares For 2nd Amendment Game-Changer

After a decade of refusing, the Supreme Court is agreeing to hear a game-changing Second Amendment case.

Cam Edwards at Bearing Arms reports about what it could mean:

For more than a month, the Court was considering if they they should accept a case challenging New York’s concealed carry laws. SCOTUS has refused many cases dealing with gun rights. With some gun supporters growing angry with what they saw as the Court’s resistance to deal with the problem, even with what is touted as a solid majority for conservatives.

That has changed with SCOTUS accepting the case and announcing it will decide if the “State’s denial of petitioners’ applications for concealed-carry permits violate the Second Amendment.”

That question is worded differently than the one pushed by the attorneys, which asked the Court to choose if “the Second Amendment lets the government stop ordinary citizens from having handguns outside their homes., but the central question remains: are the rights of citizens violated by “may issue” laws that do not allow self-defense as a reason to have a gun.

In 2020, over 8 million Americans became new gun owners, citing self defense as their primary cause for buying a gun.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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