SCOTUS Takes Aim, Then Fires At Big Tech


Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has published a document in which he argued that tech platforms should be considered “common carriers” and regulated to defend free speech.

“If part of the issue is private control over online platforms, then some of the solution might be within our doctrines that limit the ability of a private company to exclude people. Historically, two doctrines limited a company’s right to exclude,” Thomas said.

“First, our legal code have long subjected certain companies, called common carriers, to special regulations, including the requirement to serve all people,” he said.

Thomas penned these words while defending the recent decision that overturned another ruling that claimed Trump had violated the 1st Amendment by blocking people on Twitter. Thomas made it clear that it is the tech companies, not individual users, who are the real danger to freedom of speech.

“Today’s platforms give avenues for unprecedented amounts of speech, including speech by government players. Also unprecedented is the control of so much speech by such a small amount of private groups,” Thomas wrote.

“We must soon address how our doctrines apply to highly focused, privately owned infrastructure such as digital platforms,” he said.

Conservatives are being encouraged by Thomas’ comments and the momentum to mandate and control Big Tech is growing. The time to take action to prevent an Orwellian Nightmare is now.

Author: Steven Sinclaire


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