Senate Democrats Throw Money At Illegal Immigrants

Democrats have indicated they support sending direct payments to illegals as the Senate went through a long process to advance their budget reconciliation.

During what has been called a vote-a-rama, which is the time period following the debate on a budget measure, lawmakers can bring forward amendments that must be dealt with before the ruling party can move forward.

The amendments do not change the legislation but instead are a way to gauge support for certain policies.

A party not in power may also take advantage of the vote-a-rama to force into the record votes on controversial topics they would otherwise not be able to get, which can then be used as political weapons.

This week, Republicans used this tactic against Democrats by forcing them onto the record about stimulus eligibility.

Senators Tom Cotton, R-Ark. and Todd Young, R-Ind. put forward an amendment that would prevent any future economic payments from being sent to illegals.

“The Biden White House should not reward illegals for breaking the law,” Cotton stated. “Instead of winning over foreigners with American taxpayer funds, President Joe Biden should put that money to work in America by giving it to schools, businesses, and families.”

The amendment was passed, but 42 leaders voted against it. All of these were Democrats, excluding two independents who routinely join with the Democrats.

As has been reported elsewhere, House Dems proposed legislation in 2020 that included some illegals in relief payments.

President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion legislation includes another round of $1,400 checks. A counterproposal brought up by the GOP offers $1,000 checks, which be more aimed at lower-income families.

Biden has shown that he is open to changing the adjusted gross income levels to target the payments.

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