Shapiro Changes Tune — Pledges Allegiance To Trump

By Anthony Leonardi October 22th, 2020 | Image Source : Washington Examiner

Leading conservative voice Ben Shapiro said he did not support President Trump in 2016 but is now urging conservatives to vote for him over Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

This week, Shapiro issued a new public plea asking viewers to vote for the president over Biden. He said he was wrong in 2016 to say Trump would not govern as a conservative, and he added that Biden has become a “facade” for radicalism.

“I did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016. I am voting for Donald Trump in 2020,” Shapiro began, listing three reasons why he’s changed his mind, including that he was wrong Trump’s policy record, the effect the president’s character would have on discourse is already done, and the Democratic Party has lost its “f—ing mind.”

“Donald Trump has governed pretty conservatively. I thought he would not be conservative in his governance. I was just wrong on that. Donald Trump radically cut regulation. He actually saw reductions in the number of man-hours dedicated to dealing with regulation for the first time in a long time under Donald Trump. He appointed originalist judges to the best of his ability,” Shapiro argued in a nearly 9-minute video. “He is the most conservative president of my lifetime on policy. Of course, Ronald Reagan left office when I was 4 years old.”

Shapiro then asserted that Biden and Democrats “must not be allowed the mechanisms of power.”

“I’m voting for Trump. You don’t have to love Trump’s character. You don’t have to like his Twitter account to vote for him. You don’t have to approve of the crazy or bad things that he says or the way that he often acts. But if you care about the Constitution, economic freedom, and the security of the United States, you really don’t have a whole hell of a lot of choice. You should vote for Trump. You should certainly vote against Joe Biden and the Democratic Party that is running completely off the rails and now threatens the integrity of the republic if they are given the levers of power,” Shapiro concluded.

Author: Anthony Leonardi

Source: Washington Examiner: ‘Most conservative president of my lifetime’: Ben Shapiro says he was ‘just wrong’ in 2016 about Trump governing as a conservative

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