Son Of 9/11 Victim Threatens Biden With Words He’ll Never Forget

The son of a victim of the 9/11 terror attacks has sharply warned President Joe Biden to not come to any 9-11 memorials while saying that the president was a “killer-in-chief.”

Nic Haros Jr., whose mom, Frances, died during the attacks against the WTC, went on “Fox & Friends” on Monday to talk about the publishing of formerly classified documents about the attacks.

Haros Jr. is among the latest 9-11 family members who have publicly asked for Biden not to come to any of the memorial events.

Haros Jr. spent some time talking about his mom, saying that her family misses her but is hopeful they will see her again.

Frances worked at the south WTC tower as a receptionist during the attacks.

“Like more than 1,700 other people, no remains were ever identified and her casket is empty,” Haros Jr. said, saying that his family had “no closure.”

Haros Jr. then said he wished to give a message to President Biden while saying his words were from his mother.

“Yes, Joe Biden, some folks did do something. I demand that Biden not come to the ground zero memorial on 9/11,” Haros Jr. said, saying that he does not believe Joe Biden “has a place there.”

“It is shameful for Joe to use these dead people as political props for his alleged ‘victory lap.’”

He does not have compassion for the families,” he said. “Now Joe, we are now in Afghanistan war 2.0.”

Haros Jr. stated that these “resurrected victims” kept the United States safe for over two decades and warned that Joe Biden “should not dishonor this patriotism, because he has none.”

He said part of his comment came in reply to the attacks at the Afghanistan airport that killed 13 U.S. servicemen, and the mismanaged evacuation from the country.

“Today, I say Biden is the ‘killer-in-chief,’” he stated, adding that Joe Biden would be complicit in the “coming genocide” against Americans and others left behind and promoted “infanticide” in the U.S..

Author: Steven Sinclaire