Supply Chain Crisis Causes Liberals To Rip Each Other Apart

Veteran MSNBC reporter Andrea Mitchell is now facing the anger of online liberals when she went against the economic narrative being pushed by the Biden White House only days before Christmas.

Mitchell was trending on Twitter this Wednesday for remarks she made on her show where she stressed that President Biden was claiming victory prematurely against the supply chain crisis.

“The president is now saying mission accomplished essentially!” she said, mentioning an embarrassing incident in which former President George W. Bush’s declared the same in regards to the war in Iraq.

“He says that the shelves were 90% full, that is very anecdotal and spotty, and it is also, you know, larger manufactured goods are more difficult to get, construction elements,” she said. “I can tell you about some home repairs, but that is another story. So we still have a supply chain crisis, but maybe Christmas shopping is a little easier than some people feared.”

Many liberals took to social media to defend Joe Biden and go after Mitchell for questioning his assertions. Some were so angry that the news label read, “empty shelves” as her guests spoke about the various supply chain problems in the country.

“Just Saying: Andrea Mitchell Reports is only one hour of Biden bashing. Damn people need to stop tuning into this b*tch. She is a TRAITOR to the country,” said one popular tweet with more than 1,4000 likes.

“Stop watching Andrea Mitchell. Stop discussing Andrea Mitchell. Her ratings will go down. Her social media presence will vanish, problem solved,” said another tweet.

“Way to go Andrea calling Joe Biden a liar. Oh, his claims are wrong. I’m sure Trump will quote you next,” said another crazed liberal.

“What a misleading news headline. MSM will not give Biden a break,” said another tweet.

Defenders of the president have often went to social media to try to beat down reporters who dare to report anything that could damage the reputation of Joe Biden before the midterms. In Nov. many excoriated CNN for their report about how inflation was harming working families. Inflation has only worsened after that report was published.

Author: Scott Dowdy