Swing State GOP Confirms: Trump’s Going To Win It

By Robert Jonathan November 6th, 2020 | Image Source : BPR

The chair of the Pennsylvania GOP expressed optimism that President Donald Trump will, in the end, carry the Keystone State, despite efforts from the Democrat hierarchy.

“The Democratic elected officials in our state, the governor, the secretary of the state, attorney general, they’ve been using their official position to stack the deck repeatedly change the rules throughout, and if the rule and the laws and the Constitution are followed by all sides, including the Democrats, and one standard applies, a fair standard equally in our state, the president will win.”

“And I think you will see he will do better than he did in Philadelphia in 2016. If the rules are fairly applied,” Lawrence Tabas said on FNC’s America’s Newsroom.

The Democrat-controlled Pennsylvania Supreme Court also substantially watered down voter laws, in terms of mail-in ballots that could facilitate fraud in a decision that the U.S. Supreme Court allowed to stand.

Based on lower-ballot success on Tuesday, Tabas expressed confidence Trump will prevail.

“I think the president will win Pennsylvania, and I’m very proud of our team from top to bottom. We’ve held the state senate and the state house. We may have picked up one congressional seat. I think that bodes well for how the president will do and win Pennsylvania…we’ve outperformed in so many different parts of the state.”

Tabas anticipates that the vote count won’t be finalized until next Monday or Tuesday, November 9 and 10.

In Democrat-controlled cities such as Philadelphia, officials abruptly stopped the vote count on Election Night.

In Michigan and Wisconsin, there was a huge influx of Biden votes the next morning.

Despite the apparent shenanigans, many news networks seem to be very anxious to declare Joe Biden the president-elect. The Trump legal team and the millions of Trump supporters– among them those who assembled in Phoenix, Ariz. at aprotect the vote rally –want legal votes to be counted. Arizona was arguably prematurely called for Biden on Election Night.

Author: Robert Jonathan

Source: BPR: Pa GOP chair optimistic on Trump win despite Dem attempts to ‘stack the deck’ and ‘change the rules’

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