Ted Cruz Legislation Has Genius Twist That ‘Forces’ Democrats To Arrest Rioters

By Phillip Nieto And Henry Rodgers July 3rd, 2020 | Image Source: Daily Caller

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz will “soon” introduce legislation that will hold city officials financially responsible for damaged property and injuries sustained from rioting.

“Sen. Cruz is working on a legislative proposal that will hold city officials financially responsible for the property damages and personal injuries that result from their decision to allow autonomous zones and/or order officers to stand down in the midst of rioting and looting,” A spokesperson for Cruz’s office told The Daily Caller.

Cruz has not set a firm date for when the legislation will be introduced, but his office tells the Caller that it will happen “soon.” The senator revealed his legislative plans on the “Hannity Show” last night while discussing the nationwide unrest in cities.


“Sen. Cruz believes that government officials’ first responsibility is to protect the American people. We’ve seen violent rioters take to the streets in Minneapolis, New York City, and Seattle – where they’ve burned businesses and communities to the ground, toppled and defaced statues, and taken the lives of their fellow citizens,” added the Cruz spokesperson.

“Officials in these Democrat-run states are not exempt from that important duty, and they need to be held accountable for the destruction that has been allowed to occur.”

In recent weeks, autonomous zones have started up in both Seattle and New York City. Hannity had an emotional interview Wednesday night with a grieving father whose son was killed during a shooting inside Seattle’s “CHAZ/CHOP” autonomous zone.

“I can tell you right now I’m working on legislation to make that very explicit and to give people the right to sue any municipality that pulls back police protection,” Cruz said Wednesday on the “The Joe Pags Show.” “That it is the fundamental responsibility of government to keep us safe, and if you have a politician who’s so busy virtue signaling to the mob that they’re not willing to protect the citizens.”

In response to the unrest, business and homeowners have gone viral from footage showing citizens going to extreme lengths to defend their property. St. Louis attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey wielded guns and confronted protesters who marched past their home on Monday.

Author: Phillip Nieto And Henry Rodgers

Source: Daily Caller: Ted Cruz To Introduce Legislation Holding City Officials Accountable For Injuries From Rioting

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