Texas Gives Citizens a Right They Never Had Before

According to a news report by Hayden Sparks from The Texan, citizens of the state will possibly have the opportunity to make financial contributions. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced his border wall project last month.

He appeared on an episode of the Ruthless podcast to discuss the wall and reveal that citizens will be able to contribute money to the project.

“When I make the announcement, I will also be giving people a link that you can go to for everyone in the U.S., or really everyone in the whole world, who wishes to help Texas build the wall, there will be a way they can contribute to help out,” Abbott said.

The Gov. promised that the contributions will be used for the wall.

The governor said his office will oversee the money from the fundraiser and use the contributions for the wall project.

When describing the wave of illegals swamping Texas’ southern border, Abbott said that it is like a “third world country” in a number of places on the border because of the violence and unrest happening there.

When asked what his state’s strategy is about border security, Abbott mentioned legal and security measures.

“We have numerous strategies. One is adding fencing along the border, which will slow people down to some degree, but also it leads to criminal charges,” Abbott said.

“Anybody going across the border who attempts to damage the fence, they have broken two serious crimes. One being trespassing, the other being vandalism. And because I have declared it a disaster, the penalties are now increased one or two spots.”

Abbott said that he is partnering with state lawmakers to carry out this border plan. He also recently issued a state of disaster in many Texas counties because of an overflowing number of apprehensions at the state’s southern border. With nearly 180,000 crossings happening in May.

Author: Scott Dowdy