This Is Who Liberals Want Teaching Your Children

California school district has said it will fire a teacher after he was caught on video stating he used his class to indoctrinate his students into far-left beliefs.

The video published by Project Veritas revealed a teacher who is identified as Gabriel Gipe, a teacher at Inderkum High School.

The superintendent of the school district, Chris Evans, did not mention the teacher but outlined the district’s reply to the video.

“This teacher was put on paid leave due to his actions in the classroom. We will be taking the legally required next steps to fire the teacher,” he said.

The video captured Gipe admitting that his students were the raw material of what he wanted to make into extremist liberals.

Project Veritas leaders James O’Keefe reported that the video was recorded inside a café, according to Newsweek.

“Someone within the school gave us the pictures and we sent an undercover reporter to corroborate at a coffee shop some miles away from the school. Gabriel Gipe believed he was speaking to a parent,” O’Keefe said.

“I have 180 days to get them to be revolutionaries … Scare the f*** out of them,” Gipe bragged in the video.

“I give them a calendar every week … I have had students show up for community events, protests, tabling, all kinds of things … When they go, they take photos, write up a reflection — that is their extra credit,” he said.

The video reveals Gipe boasting about how he influences students to the left.

“So, I make them take an ideology quiz and I put the scores on the wall. Every year, they get more left … I’m like, ‘These ideologies are thought to be extreme, right? Extreme times lead to extreme ideologies.’ Right? That is why Gen. Z are becoming more liberal,” he said.

“I have an antifa flag on the wall and a student complained about it — Well, it was meant to make fascists feel uncomfortable, so if you do feel uncomfortable, I don’t know what to say. Maybe you should not be aligning with the idea that this is against,” the teacher said.

Although the school reported that only Gipe was being punished, he admitted that he was not alone in his ideas.

“There are three more teachers in my department who I did my credential program with — and they are rad. They are great people. They’re definitely on this same page,” he said.

Author: Scott Dowdy