Time’s Up Hillary: Trump Vows To Bring Her Down Following Deep State Arrest

A top aide from the Trump White House has said that special counsel John Durham should now speak to Hillary Clinton.

Stephen Miller, who was the top adviser to Trump for four years, said to Fox News this Thursday a new indictment on the Russian analyst who was behind the anti-Trump dossier brings the “deep state” plan to overthrow the U.S. government “right onto the doorstep” of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the DNC Party.

“I hope Durham will now look into these links, and I want him to question Hillary Clinton for a long time. And I hope when the GOP, if they do get the majority back, will force Hillary and her top aides to Capitol Hill to investigate this since this was a theft against the American public,” Miller said.

“They elected Trump as president. His energy and time, and that of his staffers, were stolen,” he said. “Thousands of hours were taken by bureaucrats inside our intel. services, inside the FBI, and within the federal government to impose their desires against the will of the American public. I’m enraged, and I hope every decent American is enraged by these discoveries.”

Igor Danchenko is now charged with making false comments to the FBI about his information sources, including a longtime DNC operative who volunteered to help the Clinton campaign. The person was not named inside court documents, but his lawyer revealed his identity as being Charles Dolan Jr., the former director of the DNC Governors Association, as reported to the AP.

A previous indictment accuses a former lawyer at Perkins Coie, Michael Sussmann, of lying to the FBI when he said he was not representing any of his clients when working on behalf of a tech executive and Clinton’s 2016 campaign. During this meeting in Sept. 2016, he shared details on possible connections between Russia and former President Trump. Sussmann has plead not guilty to the charge of lying to the FBI. His attorneys insist he never said he did not have clients and was working with only the tech executive.

The discredited dossier, which has allegations of Russia colluding with Donald Trump and having blackmail material on him, was created by British ex-spy Christopher Steele for Fusion GPS, an opposition research firm paid by Clinton’s presidential campaign and the DNC through the lawyers at the Perkins Coie firm.

Neither Hillary Clinton nor anyone inside her 2016 campaign is currently charged with any crimes in Durham’s inquiry, which is looking into the origins and operations of the Russia investigation.

Miller argued the true collusion happened between the deep state and the DNC to overthrow the Donald Trump White House.

Author: Blake Ambrose