Top Celebrity Reveals Kamala’s Deepest, Darkest Secret

Legendary top singer Nina Simone’s granddaughter has accused VP Kamala Harris of being behind the family losing control of Simone’s estate while Harris was the attorney general of California.

“I’m Nina’s granddaughter., ReAnna Simone said on Twitter this Saturday. “My family does not have her estate rights anymore. It was stolen from us. Our family was destroyed in the media. We receive NO royalties at all. Want to keep someone accountable? Go see Kamala Harris and ask her why she targeted us.”

“Ask her why she did this to us., she said. “Ask Kamala why my grandmother’s estate has now disappeared. Ask her why we don’t own any rights. Ask her about her bullying my mom and her almost killing herself due to the depression.”

A settlement from 2016 about the Nina Simone Charitable Trust mentioned Harris numerous times as being “responsible for overseeing charitable trusts in the state of California” as state A.G.

“The A.G. says that Lisa Simone Kelly broke her responsibility to the Estate and wrongfully funneled assets. The A.G. wants to charge Kelly for the amount of $5,937,749.42 plus more than $2.5 million for interest, which the A.G. says is over fifty percent of the Estate’s value during her management of the Estate., the settlement says.

ReAnna Simone said there is ,”a bunch of slander”,., about her mom Lisa Simone Kelly.

“I will leave it at that. Do your research if you want, but know that there is A BUNCH of slander out there against my mom. There was false stuff put out that is NOT TRUE. We are still living in the aftermath of all this., she wrote.

“Oh hang on, also ask Kamala why after all this pain she forced us through, one of my grandmother’s songs was played at her inauguration to swear her in as Vice President?! She knew exactly what she was doing., ReAnna Simone said.

Author: Scott Dowdy