Top CEOs Flip On Biden, Issue These Demands

CEOs of several airlines penned a letter to President Joe Biden requesting that he eliminate the federal face-covering rule on flights.

The letter commended Biden for his fight against the pandemic, but it concluded that the current infection rates suggested “it is past time” to eliminate the face-obscuring apparel requirement.

“We thank the federal government for its leadership during the epidemic. Current data and science suggest it’s time to move from rules to recommendations and personal health choices,” read a letter published this week.

The letter also stated that mask rules for air flights were “irrational” since social distance limitations in other public areas had been relaxed.

“It makes no sense that passengers are required to wear masks on planes, but can gather in crowded restaurants, schools, and sports events without them. Despite the fact that none of these locations have the same protection from airborne germs as an airplane does.”

They also stated that airline employees were not adequately trained to execute several aspects of the regulation and, as a result, their well-being had suffered.

The CEOs of Delta Airlines Ed Bastion, JetBlue Airways Robin Hayes, and Southwest Airlines Gary C. Kelly, as well as the Chairman of American Airlines W. Douglas Parker, all signed the letter.

Ken Paxton, the Texas attorney general, was pleased with the letter.

“All of the major airline CEOs agree: it’s past time to remove the ridiculous airline/airport mask requirement. Last month, we sued Biden over this issue, and no more mask laws are acceptable.” Paxton wrote on Twitter.

The airline-mask requirement was set to expire on March 18, but the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, the world’s largest flight attendant union, issued a statement opposing it.

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Author: Scott Dowdy