Top Democrat Has Embarrassing “Run-In” With Police

Police Chief James Craig, who has routinely encouraged citizens to buy firearms to defend themselves in the crime plagued city, now intends to run against Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in 2022.

Craig, who is said to be announcing his retirement from Police today, told The Detroit News he will then hold another press conference discussing his future plans.

Craig did not deny claims that he has plans to compete against Gov. Whitmer as a Republican.

“I am a public servant,” he said. “I wish to continue to serve.”

The potential for Craig’s political ambitions were first mentioned by Charlie LeDuff on his “No BS Hour” podcast. The news was then confirmed by The News, citing a source familiar with the decision.

The chief admitted he has discussing a possible run with both national and state GOP officials.

Whitmer has been slammed for her management of the Wuhan pandemic, including putting into place strict restrictions while leaving for freer states such as Florida. She is also accused of forcing elderly patients with the virus into nursing homes.

Author: Blake Ambrose