Top Democrat Linked To Middle-East Terror Group

There were numerous questions raised about Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) as it related to the news about the House Intel. Committee member was in a relationship with a Chinese spy.

Democrats were not universally disturbed by it, and the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi allowed him to stay on the crucial committee.

Now there are more issues being raised, this time about his meetings with a Qatari organization that has been connected to Hamas. We previously spoke about Swalwell’s shirtless camel trip in Qatar. But now there are more details about a group that he met during this trip.

Swalwell and four more House members went to the Qatar Foundation HQ. The foundation, which is registered with the Justice Dept. as a foreign agent, has many links to terror groups and to muslim clerics who have expressed anti-Semitic views.

Swalwell also travelled to the Qatar Foundation’s Education City with two more lawmakers. Education City is where the group has satellite locations in Qatar for American universities, with which they have a partnership with colleges such as Georgetown. That leads to more questions about the link to the group to those colleges and their influence on American students.

While colleges could be ignorant, Swalwell should know better, so why is the top Democrat meeting with such an organization?

But it Swalwell’s controversy is not stopping at that.

Fox is coming out with news that Swalwell spent tens of thousands of dollars, from campaign money, on alcohol delivery, dinners at top restaurants, limo services, and luxury hotels with $20,000 going to the hotel where his wife works as the director of sales. That is a huge conflict of interest and a problem.

According to the report, Swalwell took $6,000 in campaign money and spent it on other hotels, as well as $7,000 at top restaurants D.C. Also, Swalwell seems to have had 13 in-person meals at numerous expensive restaurants in New York.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not raising any questions or issues about Swalwell’s connections to terror-supporting groups or his luxurious lifestyle using campaign money, but Republicans should.

Author: Blake Ambrose