Top Officials Warn We Are “Too Late” To Stop China Now

Top American officials have kept sounding the alarm recently about what China is gearing up to do worldwide and what the consequences from the United States will be, warning that conflict is pretty much inevitable.

Rear Admiral Mike Studeman, the top intel. officer for the East Asia command, reported this last week that they are warning about “danger on every front” in connection to Chinese military aggression and that it is not only Taiwan that these officials are worried about.

“This idea that it is only a Taiwan situation vs many other ways in which China is being very coercive, is a lack of understanding the complexity, because it is not that simple,” he said, saying that the scenario might not even be the most possible as China is currently pushing on “a lot of its neighbors.”

In connection to China performing an invasion of Taiwan, Studeman stated that, “To us, it is just a matter of time, not ‘if,’ because if you know the problem set, you know that Taiwan will not capitulate to only economic or diplomatic influence.”

Studeman said that United States officials are detailing the current war push of China in the same way General Douglas McArthur detailed the moves that led to WW2.

“’Too late,’” Studeman says. “Too late in understanding the deadly purpose of a possible enemy. Too late in knowing the mortal danger. Too late in preparing and uniting all potential forces for a resistance.”

Studeman says that China wants to surpass the United States to become the world’s top super power, saying that China’s dictator Xi Jinping has led China’s rise using “cheating, stealing and lying.”

He said that China seeks to have “effective control” over whole populations and that China’s actions in Hong Kong are foreshadowing what Chinese control will be in other places.”,.,

These comments come as Xi stated in his recent speech commemorating the CCP, one of the most murderous parties in history, that China is pushing to “accelerate its modernization programs to create capabilities to takeover Taiwan.”

Recent satellite images have also revealed that the regime is building hundreds of what seem to be nuclear missile silos to launch intercontinental missiles from locations within China’s interior.

Author: Scott Dowdy