Top Republican Calls For Warriors In Incoming Civil War


Missouri Republican Senate candidate Eric Greitens slammed liberal tyranny, pulling no punches during his epic speech at the CPAC conference on Thursday.

Greitens made it certain that Leftist threats should be and must be crushed, or America will be destroyed. He made is clear that he is the America First champion we need in the Senate.

“We have a mission, and the mission is to win our nation back, and we are here to do that!” Greitens said to huge applause, noting that he was a Navy SEAL and took his oath very seriously.

“The brutal fact is: The Left is trying to ruin our country. We understand the truth,” he said. “We will stand for our nation and we are willing to fight for it.”

He spoke about going to the border, looking at it from the American side as well as the Mexico side, seeing how the third-worlders destroy the nation. He also mentioned pandemic tyranny, anti-white critical race theory, defunding the police, inflation, and overseas military disasters as agendas that the Left are using to destroy America.

“Many people in the mainstream media, including RINOs, say this is only Biden being senile and that Kamala Harris is incompetent, and that is the case, but it is more than that,” Greitens stated.

“We are in a fight for the soul of our nation, and it’s a battle against evil,” he said, noting that liberal policies “are founded in cruelty.”

“They spied on Donald Trump the candidate, and they spied on Trump the president, and we know the truth. We see around the nation, the George Soros planned assault on police. That is the enemy we are facing,” Greitens stated.

Greitens compared the fight for Americans as the fight the Founding Fathers had when they overthrew the British and created the Constitution. He spoke about the urgency of the current political moment and the energy that it deserves.

“You must make a choice. We need to make a choice. Will we stop it? And I am telling you right now, patriots are rising up and we are standing for our country and taking it back!” he said, going on to say that “America First patriots,” and not fake RINOs will be the heroes in the end.


Author: Steven Sinclaire