Top Republican Flips, Joins America’s Leading Terrorists

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) says he is “hopeful” that he can help force police reform laws through Congress that will make BLM terrorists happy.

Scott has become the star for the post-Trump GOP establishment that is desperately seeking to give in to Democrats. He echoes the same anti-white talking points on systemic racism, the need for extreme reforms, and disrespects the founding-fathers who created this nation.

“One reason why I am hopeful is because the people on the left are now looking for a solution instead of an issue,” Scott said to reporters recently.

“And what I offered last year are now more popular. So I have reason to be hopeful,” he said to journalist John Dickerson.

Senator Scott is fine with ripping out qualified immunity from the law, which would put cops open to frivolous lawsuits from racial grievance lawyers who have lied and endangered public safety to bring in a profit.

“How do we fix the culture of policing? We fix it by forcing the employer to be responsible for the actions of their employees,” Scott said.

“We do the same thing with doctors. With lawyers. We do it with most other industries. If we do it in law enforcement, things will change,” he added

Scott’s fake rise as the “leader of the GOP” shows that conservatives are preparing to give in to BLM terror. America Firsters must fight this agenda to stop the nation from capitulating to the evils of diversity and multiculturalism.

Author: Blake Ambrose