Top Republican Gives All The Dirty Details On Biden’s Vaccine Agenda

Consideration of a government database of which Americans are vaccinated by the CDC is “very troubling,” Congresswoman Greg Murphy (R-NC) said this Thursday on a SiriusXM radio show.

Earlier this week on a CNN segment, the CDC Director Rochelle Walensky’s mentioned such a database. She showed consideration for a list of Americans who got the COVID-19 vaccine.

Walensky said:

“I believe if we get more people vaccinated, our kids vaccinated, we have complete vaccination and vaccinate all teachers, all of these are documented, and we see that disease rates are low, I believe we can start talking about loosening up and not seeing clusters in these schools. The thing that is most important is that our children get back in school. And we are not there yet. we are far from there. And I want our children safe.”

Murphy stated that Walensky’s consideration of a government database of vaccinated Americans is very concerning. The CDC’s “inconsistent messaging” harms public trust of the agency, he added.

Murphy commented, “I do not have the highest respect for Walensky due to the waffling around with these decisions not connected to science, only based on political progressiveness, as it were. That is a very troubling term.”

“In other words, they want you tracked, they want to control Americans, we want to do this and move on,” he said.

Walensky’s comments are built upon partisan political motivations, Murphy held.

He said, “For her to come out and say this, and then she will go and check with Biden, Obama, with Kamala, to find what message they want to send out, and then she will be a mouthpiece for it. It is just very scary. … One day it’s this thing, and another it’s the next thing, attempting to stretch this out.”

Murphy said he was not sure he wanted to vaccinate children under 18.

He commented, “I’m not completely sure that — and I went back and forth about this topic with myself — on children getting vaccinated, because that is a very low-risk group, and maybe for the children who are immunosuppressed or have other health problems.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire