Top Republican Predicts That 2022 Will Be “Just Like 1994”

The 2022 midterms will be completely epic for the GOP, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) said on Fox News recently.

“I believe there is a tidal wave coming,” Graham said. “This will be 1994 all over. When you see rampant inflation, soaring crime and a wide open border and just a lack of understanding about what you are doing, and a lack of competency … the GOP will have a great comeback if we get the right people.”

In the 1994 midterms, the Republicans got eight Senate seats and 54 House seats. In 2022, the Republicans only require five new seats to retake the House and one to get back the Senate.

While Biden and the DNC Party are causing it to be easier for the Republicans to get back control of Washington, Senator Graham also warned that it is not a for sure thing.

“We have a lot of opportunity in Senate,” Graham said. “We are going to take back the House, Sean, unless we screw it up.”

The Republican party sees several pick-up chances in the Senate, but one difficulty is that they are also defending many seats left by leaving Republicans.

While Graham has confidence about Republican’s chances in the midterms, Democrats are “very worried” about the upcoming midterms and view election integrity as hurting their chances to keep power. Without a doubt, the GOP taking back one chamber is a safe bet. On top of the previously mentioned points working in the GOP’s favor, history proves that the party in power usually loses seats in the midterms. Democrats clearly are up against a lot in 2022, and Biden’s mishandling of everything is not helping them.

But Democrats are not likely to let fate happen without a fight. In 2010, Obama was blindsided by the Tea Party movement. Biden in comparison is not likely to take the 2022 midterms for granted. Also, Democrats across the nation are fighting election security laws that were passed in a dozen or so states. So they might go down in the midterms, but they’re not going down without fighting tooth and nail.

Author: Scott Dowdy