Top Republican Quietly Helps Democrats Build a ‘Database’ Of American Citizens

Arizona GOP governor Doug Ducey quietly gave an executive order that grants the government access to personal data of covid-19 patients, those who take the covid-19 tests, and those who get the covid-19 vaccine. Ducey also ordered Arizona to send data on vaccine recipients to the CDC. On October 7, Ducey issued an “Enhanced Surveillance Advisory” named Executive Order: 2021-19. On this date, the executive order was active for 60 days. Arizona citizens are already getting their personal data hoarded by the federal government and given to Feds.

His executive order forces hospitals to hand over the phone numbers and home addresses of all covid-19 patients to Arizona’s health agency. His executive order also forces labs to give the names, phone numbers and home addresses of all people who take a covid test — whether it is negative or not — to the state’s health agency. His executive order requires vaccine givers to report the home addresses, and numbers of all patients who take the covid-19 vaccine to the Arizona health agency and orders the health agency to give this vaccine data to the federal CDC and Biden’s Dept. of HHS. Ducey also forces potentially unwilling Americans to have their details kept on a “statewide health data exchange.”

Ducey has forced hospitals to give the personal details including phone numbers and home addresses of all COVID patients in Arizona to the state’s Arizona Dept. of Health Services. His executive order said: “all hospitals should report through EMResource or another form to the Arizona HHS every twenty-four hours: A list of every COVID-19 patient including name, gender, date of birth, race/ethnicity, phone number, home address, whether the person was admitted, the hospital admission date…”

His executive order makes it certain that Americans’ personal data is collected by Arizona officials, which means the personal data will be given to the CDC and HHS. His executive order says that “a person, healthcare provider, or local health agency who administers COVID-19 vaccine shall give the following through a Department format each 24hrs. The person’s name, birth date, race, home address, phone number, and vaccine priority group. The vaccine given, including CVX, lot number, dose number, maker, and expiration date. The method of administration and administration location on the persons’ body. The date of every immunization. The administration location gives information including the name of the facility, address, type and PIN number”

Author: Blake Ambrose