Trump Accidentally Saves The Biden Administration From Total Failure

VP Kamala Harris’s hypocrisy was out there for everyone to see on Tuesday as President Biden raided the oil reserves of America despite her slamming then-President Donald Trump in 2020 for filling them up.

“Absolutely unacceptable that Donald Trump is prioritizing bailing out Big Oil companies while not supporting millions of unemployed workers, small businesses, and local governments,” Harris said via Twitter in 2020 during the covid pandemic.

Trump refilled the U.S. oil reserves during the covid pandemic when prices were three times under Tuesday’s prices of $3.403, according to the AAA. The low prices were harming American producers’ ability to compete against the big money of OPEC, which have no desire to compete with American oil companies.

“Once this works out, and once you get some demand and then you are gonna lower the supply somewhat it will equalize and be great yet again,” Trump said back in April of 2020. “We wish to stay independent.”

On Tuesday, however, the Biden-Harris White House announced they would drain the U.S. reserves that Donald Trump refilled.

“I want to deal with another challenge that families are being hit with, and the one I believe they are most focused on currently: high gas prices,” Joe Biden said during his live comments. “I am announcing a large release from the United States strategic petroleum reserve to give the supply we need as we get over this pandemic.”

The hypocrisy caught the eye of Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA), who stressed Harris’s duplicity of taking oil reserves that Donald Trump refilled.

“VP Kamala Harris opposed Trump’s filling of America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve—the very reserve that Joe Biden is now exploiting for his political convenience,” McCarthy said via Twitter. “Utter hypocrisy.”

Meanwhile, the Biden-Harris White House tried to destroy American energy independence as the supply chain crisis was just getting started. In Jan., they canceled the Keystone Pipeline and they are now determining whether to cancel another pipeline in Michigan.

And instead of accepting responsibility for the current raging oil prices during ongoing supply chain problems, produced in part by liberal unemployment payments, the White House has accused oil companies of bringing in record-high profits. This Wednesday, Biden asked the FTC to look into oil companies for their “anti-competitive behavior.”

“I therefore want the Commission to examine oil and gas markets, and that you use all of your tools to bear if you find any wrongdoing,” Biden pleaded.

Author: Scott Dowdy