Trump Ally Targeted By Republican Deep State Operatives

A veteran pilot during the Afghan and Iraq wars has announced his campaign to fight the Trump ally Congressman Matt Gaetz in the Florida GOP primary, pledging to “restore dignity” to the district.

Bryan Jones, a pilot and small business owner, said, “I feel it’s time to start a new path, one that will aid in restoring the honor to Florida’s 1st District — because the people in this district are honest, good, and hard-working people, and they deserve someone who reflects their values and will fight for them and their freedom.”

He drew a clear distinction between his opinions and those of Gaetz and said that former President Ronald Reagan was his political idol. He also wants more veterans to be in Congress.

In reference to Gaetz, who is the representative from the 1st District since 2017, he stated, “Our district needs an effective, values-focused leader in Washington, not someone who is under investigation for crimes that should disgust every normal Floridian.”

Gaetz has been hit by a hoax scandal by the deep-state that has not been proven false, having raised $1.4 million. He also counts Trump, who is a Florida resident, as a friend and ally as well as other notables in the Trump MAGA wing of the party, including Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene who wants to campaign for like-minded 2022 GOP candidates.

Jones, however, will be attractive to some voters. In addition to being a veteran and the owner of a CrossFit studio, he is a conservative that supports small government and has pledged to remove his ego when in Washington.

“You are not going to get a career politician,” said the United States Air Force Academy graduate who is in the Florida Air National Guard. “You aren’t going to get someone who wants to get on the news and turn into a talking head for their own ego. Send me to DC, and you will get a leader who is on your side — someone with the strength of character, and the discipline to fight the elite and politicians for the people,” he said.

Author: Scott Dowdy