Trump Announces New Business That Could Destroy The Deep State

Former President Trump has announced a brand new tech company that will create a social media platform to rival the liberal media consortium of existing platforms.

“Trump Media & Technology Group’s goal is to form a rival to the liberal alliance and fight against the Big Tech Silicon Valley companies, which have used their power to silence conservative voices in America,” read the comment published Wednesday by the company.

The comment went on to report that the company would be starting a social network named “TRUTH Social,” and that it was already up for pre-order on the Apple App store.

The comment included statements from former President Trump saying the platform was his way of giving everyone a voice.

“I founded TMTG and TRUTH Social to fight against the tyranny of Big Tech,” said Trump. “We live in a world where the Taliban is on Twitter, yet your favorite U.S. President has been censored. This is not acceptable.”

The webpage for the social media platform gave more details about their upcoming plans:

“TRUTH Social is our “Big Tent” social media website that encourages a free, open and honest worldwide conversation without discrimination concerning anyone’s political ideology.”

The TRUTH Social platform is scheduled to go national in 2022 Q1, just before the midterms.

Conservatives are angry about the exclusion of Trump from most of the top social media platforms as a result of the January 6 protest at the United States Capitol.

The former president has said that Twitter did him a favor by removing him because his comments had better coverage. He also reported in February that he would not be coming back to Twitter because it was boring.

This comes at a time when other social media companies like Google’s YouTube have banned conservatives channels. There is also the banning of white farmers from receiving Biden’s recent relief payments given to farmers. It seems that Democrats are dead set on removing all things conservative from the political sphere and when they can do it without anyone noticing too much, punish white people as they scream about “racism.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire