Trump Campaign Already Crushing 2020 Democrats On Key Factor

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

Although the 2020 Election is still over a year away, campaigns are already gearing up for the big day. Democrats have announced their bids to topple Trump, trying to muster support among liberals. The frontrunners have even announced how much cash they raised. Then Trump’s campaign announced how much it raised in the first quarter of the year. Democrats are weeping.

We know that cash isn’t the most-important aspect of winning a campaign. In the past, experts thought it was. Then in 2016, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton with only a fraction of her budget. Some say Clinton had over $2 billion going into the election. She was still humiliated by Trump.

Even still, cash is critical in running a campaign. It takes plenty of money to produce ads, travel, host rallies, and connect with voters. Fund-raising can also reveal how enthusiastic supporters are. After all, if you are willing to give money to support a candidate, you’ll definitely be there on Election Day.

Over the last few weeks, numerous Democrats have announced their candidacy for president. Too many, if you ask me. Do most of these guys think they have a chance? I guess so and their breaking their backs to raise as much as money as possible.

Right now, Bernie Sanders is in the lead with $18.2 million in the coffers. Then Trump announced how much he raised among supporters. Bernie should be really scared.

President Trump’s re-election campaign raised $30.3 million in the first quarter of this year, far pacing the leading fundraisers among the Democrats, Fox News confirmed Sunday.

The Trump campaign said nearly 99 percent of its donations were of $200 or less, with an average donation of $34.26. In all, the campaign had $40.8 million cash on hand, an unprecedented war chest for an incumbent president this early in the campaign.

Trump’s fundraising ability was matched by the Republican National Committee, which brought in $45.8 million in the first quarter — its highest non-election year total. Combined, the pro-Trump effort reported $82 million in the bank. The numbers were reported first by The Associated Press. [Source: Fox News]

Sanders raised the most among Democrats, with the rest trailing behind him.

What’s really significant is who gave most to Trump’s campaign. That $30 million wasn’t from a few big donors (as is common among Democrats). It was smaller donations, $200 or less, that brought in such a huge haul.

What does that tell you? Millions of Americans are already donating to help get Trump reelected. They are digging deep in their wallets, donating what they can, to ensure he continues his work.

It takes a lot of small donations to amount to $30 million. That tells us that Trump’s massive movement of supporters from 2016 has not gone away.

The liberal media has tried to push the idea that most people who voted for Trump have disappeared. That the momentum from 2016 is all but gone. That, after 2 years of “failure,” Americans have come to their senses.

It’s all lies. President Trump has scored one victory after another. He’s made good on his promises and is winning for the United States. You don’t have to look far to see the results of his booming economy. Millions of Americans are working and earning more. People are only getting more excited about what he’s going to do in the coming years.

Meanwhile, Democrats have done nothing but obstruct, lie, and spread rumors about the president. They’ve done nothing to contribute to the growing economy of the last two years. In fact, they openly opposed the major factors that lead to this prosperity—like the tax cuts bill.

It’s no surprise that Trump is raking in cash from passionate patriots. They want him to be reelected and put the Democrats in their place. Americans want Trump to punish Democrats for their bogus Russian witch hunt, their disgraceful attacks against his administration, and their continued support for illegal immigration.

In the coming months, don’t be surprised to see more record-breaking support for Trump’s campaign. Will you be among the millions who will donate, attend rallies, and help him win reelection?

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